Grow media comes in many forms, Coco Coir, a popular choice among growers, is a 100% natural and renewable resource made from coconut husks.

Coco coir grow media provides exceptional aeration, water retention, and root development, making it an ideal medium for plants, seedlings, and cuttings.

More advanced grow media that combines the benefits of coco coir with the added advantages of super-fine perlite is specially designed to ensure optimal drainage, prevent waterlogging, and support healthy root growth.

As growers continue to push the boundaries of hydroponic innovation, the use of high-quality grow media like Cyco Coco Coir and Cyco Lite will remain crucial in achieving optimal results. By leveraging these advanced materials, growers can unlock the full potential of their crops and experience unparalleled success in their growing endeavors.

Below is a selection of grow media to chose from all of which are RHP certified, if you require further information don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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