Scope of this Policy

This Privacy Policy governs our collection of personal information from or about you, and how we use and disclose that information. It also governs how you can request access to, and corrections of, the personal information we have collected. This Privacy Policy applies to and governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information in connection with the Australian activities of our Company, including from physical locations in Australia, and from our Australian websites. It is our policy to comply with the privacy legislation within the jurisdiction in which we operate.


All references in this Privacy Policy to “Rootz Distribution”, “Company”, “we”, “us”, “our”, and like terms are references to Rootz Distribution Pty Ltd., together with our subsidiaries and affiliated brands.

What is Personal Information?

Rootz Distribution collect and maintain different types of personal information in respect of individuals with whom we interact. We collect personal information that you provide to us or that we otherwise obtain through both online and offline interactions.


For example: we collect personal information online when you request information about or purchase a product through one of our websites, apply to have an account on one of our ecommerce sites, apply for a job with a Rootz Distribution through one of our websites, or subscribe to email newsletters and content and we collect personal information when you call our customer service center, register warranty information by mail or via our RDM webpage, or otherwise interact with us without using any of our websites.


We may collect personal information that you provide when you:

  • purchase, order, return or exchange any of our products and services online, over the telephone or in person;
  • request a copy of an invoice;
  • request a quote, special order or information about any of our products and services;
  • contact our customer service staff;
  • apply for employment; 
  • provide us with comments or suggestions; or
  • visit our websites or any of our physical locations.

The personal information we collect includes the following:


  • contact and identification information, such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
  • information concerning the products and services we provide to or receive from, you, including with respect to the service, maintenance and repair history of such products;
  • credit and financial information such as payment methods and preferences, and billing and credit history;
  • business relationship information, including information related to your agreements, preferences, advisors and decision-makers; and
  • customer relationship information such as customer service requests and feed-back and information requested or provided by or from you.


We may also collect market-related information, which may include personal information, concerning market trends and activities impacting our business. This information may include contract terms, financial information and other information for the purpose of market analysis and strategic planning. We may also collect information related to our media, investor and public relations activities and information related to our interactions with financial and other analysts and advisors.


As a general rule, we collect personal information directly from you. In most circumstances where the personal information that we collect about you is held by a third party, we will obtain your permission before we seek out this information from such sources (such permission may be given directly by you, or implied from your actions). The third parties that we may collect information from include credit reporting agencies (for the purpose of conducting a credit check where you wish to obtain credit from us).


From time to time, we may also receive personal information collected by those third parties in the course of the performance of their services for us or otherwise. Where this is the case, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that such third parties have represented to us that they have the right to disclose your personal information to us.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information

We use the personal information we collect to enable us to manage and develop our business and operations, including for the following purposes:


  • to establish, maintain and manage relations with our customers (for example, we will use personal information to establish a customer’s identity and location so that we may accurately deliver and bill for products and services);
  • to establish, maintain and manage relations with our suppliers;
  • to analyze customer requirements for our products and services so that we may work to improve our products and services;
  • to communicate with suppliers in order to improve the products and services supplied to us;
  • to be able to inform you of products and services that members of the Hydrofarm Group, or third parties that we have carefully selected as partners, may wish to offer you, including sending you information promoting the products and services of those members or partners;
  • to be able to comply with your requests;
  • to verify your identity (for example, name, address, telephone number and birth date, if applicable);
  • to verify creditworthiness;
  • to protect us against error, fraud, theft and damage to our goods and property;
  • to enable us to undertake our environmental, health and safety activities, including incident planning, response and investigation;
  • to enable us to comply with applicable legal, audit or regulatory requirements (for example, we may collect personal information to satisfy the obligations imposed on us by various regulatory boards or agencies to follow procedures mandated by such boards or agencies in respect of the provision of our products and services); and
  • any other reasonable business purpose to which you consent.
Contacting Us Regarding Your Information

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, concerns or complaints about how we manage your personal information, please contact by:

Postal mail:

Rootz Distribution
Attn: Privacy
7 – 11 O’Connor Court
Gepps Cross, SA, 5094
Phone: +61 8 8 359 8732