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Distributed in Australia exclusively by Rootz Distribution.

Cyco Hydroponic Products is a renowned brand in the hydro industry, offering a range of high-quality nutrients and additives specifically designed for growing cannabis. At the core of their product line are their nutrient solutions.

Cyco Hydroponic Products also offers a range of pH products to ensure optimal pH levels for optimal nutrient uptake.

Their Coco products, including Coco Coir, Coco Lite, and Coco Bitz, are designed for use in soilless cultivation methods. Coco Coir is a premium-grade coco coir that is used as a standalone medium or can be mixed with other growing media, Coco Lite is a lighter version of coco coir containing perlite suitable for seedlings and younger plants. Coco Bitz, on the other hand, is a convenient and easy-to-use coco coir with coir chunks.

With Cyco’s comprehensive range of products, growers can rest assured that they have the right tools to optimize their crops and achieve maximum yields.

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