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Phat Mufflers 12″ X 35″

SKU: PM1235

Phat Mufflers 12″ X 35″


Reduce the noise of your inline fan and exiting duct air by using the best muffler/silencer on the market. Proven to reduce more noise than any other muffler available. This unique glass pack silencer will not erode like competitor foam products. For additional sound dampening, we recommend using a Phat Muffler on both the intake and exit of your inline fan.

• 85% Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)—best on the market
• Lightweight aluminum construction—easy to hang, no rust
• 45-degree inner taper before flanges helps reduce more noise
• Phat Glass pack won’t disintegrate like foam products
• 4″ to 12″ sizes available—regular length & super Phat mini sizes
• Maximum free flow air movement


Place your Phat Muffler on the intake side of your fan/blower for maximum sound attenuation if you only have one muffler. For maximum sound attenuation on a blower/filter line, place one muffler on the blower intake and one muffler on the blower outtake.

Phat Mufflers are not directional—they can be positioned so that air blows through them in either direction.

For a tight, solid fit, self-tapping sheet metal screws can be put through the Phat Muffler flanges directly into your fan if desired. Duct tape can also be used.

Mufflers should not get wet. If your muffler gets wet, dry it out thoroughly so it will work correctly.

Phat mufflers should be the same diameter as your duct size unless you want to increase the air pressure intentionally.

To hang a Phat Muffler, you can tap into the muffler housing with sheet metal screws or hang it with chain or rope that is wrapped around the muffler housing.

Weight8.3 kg
Dimensions94.4 × 393.7 × 393.7 cm




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