Luxx Lighting Co, a brand recognised around the world for quality hydroponics lighting.

Luxx Lighting sets itself apart in the hydroponics lighting industry due to its top-notch performance and quality components, engineered for long-lasting use and increased productivity. Crafted by experienced growers who grasp the subtleties of optimal hydroponics lighting for plant growth, the brand’s premium indoor grow lights ensure that you receive high-quality fixtures to effectively exceed your cultivation needs while at the same time offering unparalleled support when needed.

Dedication to excellence and innovation in hydroponics lighting, positions Luxx Lighting as a trusted choice for growers aiming for superior performance and results in their horticultural pursuits.

Hydroponics Lighting Made by Growers... for Growers

For these reasons above all else Luxx Lighting is one of the most recognised hydroponics lighting brands in the world today, that being said we will strive to maintain and exceed the standards already set.

Now under the ownership and distribution of Rootz Distribution Pty Ltd in Australia, Luxx hydroponics lighting products are available to indoor growers throughout Australia, offering reliable and top-of-the-line hydroponics lighting solutions for the Australian grower’s indoor gardening needs and above all great after-sales service and warranty.

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